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Northwest Hair Salon, The Hepburn Hair Project, leading the way in the British Hairdressing Business Awards.

The Hepburn Hair Project (THHP) is making strides within the hairdressing industry. Selected as one of five finalists for the Marketing Award at this year’s Hair Journal International British Hairdressing Business Awards; THHP are celebrating their first year in style.

THHP competed with hundreds of other salons to be selected as a finalist for the Marketing Award and is showcasing the vibrant business scene in the North West.

Now in their 17th year, the prestigious British Hairdressing Business Awards are a highlight in the business calendar and attract entries from hairdressing professionals across the country.

Seamus McCrory, owner of THHP, commented, "To be a finalist at the British Hairdressing Business Awards is an amazing achievement for an established Salon, but to do it in our first year I'm left speechless. It's the Oscars of our industry and I’m so proud of my team, our clients and the hard work we’ve put in over the past 12 months."

THHP were swift to appoint North West business, Different Perspective Marketing (DPM), to handle their marketing activities to raise awareness of their new salon. As well as helping THHP with their marketing communications; DPM also put together their award entry.

Seamus concluded, "We like to work with local people and we were connected to DPM through a mutual friend at Pro-Manchester; since then we haven't looked back. We make a great team and bounce ideas off each other. It goes to show what brilliant people we have in our fabulous city."

THHP is flying the flag high for new Manchester businesses and showing that great customer service, a brilliant product and proactive marketing can pave the way for business success and industry recognition.

Salon Marketing Excellence with the Hepburn Hair Project

DPM Helps New Salon Raise Awareness

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Seamus concluded: "Everything about the DPM service is designed to make it easy for me to actively and regularly promote the Hepburn Hair Project. DPM literally saved me hours by providing advice, guidance and the professional art work through the Branding Toolkit. The print quality they sourced was so good that I've permanently switched all of my print jobs to DPM.,"

"I'm really happy with the quality and professionalism of how we are presenting our business and the Studentsville offers. We're giving a great first impression to people walking past the shop and seeing our posters; people on the street being handed a flyer and our friends via Facebook and Twitter."

"Although early in the campaign, results have been very positive. We're receiving loads of likes and retweets on our social media profiles, but more importantly we're receiving bookings over the phones and local students calling into the shop to book their first appointments. During the first week of the campaign we actually won 12 new clients. Of course, it's now up to us to treat our customers to a fantastic service and hair treatment so they keep coming back."

"By the end of this current promotion I've set a target of 50 new customers. We're well on our way with only a quarter of the period gone. The return will dwarf the initial investment especially if we keep our customers happy."

"This is only the beginning though. We can use the Branding Toolkit on a daily basis to quickly create one off ad hoc offers, like filling empty seats. However, I'm planning on using the full DPM service, Oli included, for every calendar event. Next up is Halloween!"

Saffordshire Resuce Web Design

DPM refreshes Staffordshire Rescue Scotland's website and provides robust data collection solution

Jenny Gates, Chair for Staffordshire Rescue Scotland provided the following statement on completion of the project:

"As a very small charity we desperately need to improve some our of processes as precious time was being wasted using "old fashioned" methods. The suggestions you provided are actually incredibly simple and cost effective but you did an excellent job, identifying the appropriate solution and working through any issues to deliver exactly what we needed. This is particularly impressive given we weren't even 100% sure what we needed but you managed to understand and translate our somewhat vague requirements into something we can use and actually has the potential to grow beyond our initial expectations."

"I've already expressed our delight at the online forms but until you've tried to get a successful adoption form filled in five times by the same person I'm not sure you can really appreciate the difference and I'm actually looking forward to working on the Reachmail platform more to see what else we can get out of it."

"In terms of the website design you have genuinely provided a professional finish but again used a tool that we can support ourselves. The website feels much more dynamic now, with the inclusion of a blog page making us seem more relevant and giving us somewhere to share beyond the usual social media."

"You have displayed exceptional levels of patience, committees are great for democracy but decision making can really take a kicking and you've been brilliantly understanding of the challenges small organisations can face."

"I would have absolute no hesitation recommending Different PM to other small business (or large ones) and can happily provide further feedback if you require it. It's been a genuine pleasure working through this project with you and would certainly come to you again if we'd needed anything similar in the future."

Brand Identity Support

DPM Helps Sunwin Security Manage their Brand Identity

Mark Westhead, Fire & Security Manager at Sunwin Security said,

"They provided me with a host of potential marketing strategies and suggestions and I found them to be innovative, attentive and creative in their approach."

"I found the service provided to be excellent value for money."