It's the Little Things

February 2014. Author: Oliver Smith

I was with my girlfriend the other day shopping. She had ordered a beauty spa voucher for a present. I noticed that when she picked it up the voucher was a generic voucher without any branding. The voucher was then put into a plain white envelope.

The principle behind the voucher is a good one, but where the salon let themselves down is the little touches that do not cost much money and take very little time.

When giving a present the aesthetics are very important. A present is an emotional gift and we all agree that opening something that is visually appealing builds excitement. This beauty salon could have personalised their own vouchers and had them printed on a good quality card and used a nice envelope to hand it over. Perhaps a bow would have added to the whole effect.

When the recipient opened the gift, the whole experience could have been heightened with a little extra care in the packaging and presentation of the voucher. With several potential customers being shown the gift, this beauty salon missed several opportunities to impress some new customers and increase the likelihood of a visit.

Little things leave a lasting impression.