Different Perspective Marketing Teams Up with Simon Lotinga & Julie Eldrett

Different Perspective Marketing has teamed up with Simon Lotinga and Julie Eldrett's Successful Salon Club to provide Salon Owners with amazing design services to give their client communications the Wow Factor.

Simon and Julie have created the Successful Salon Club which is focused on providing Salon Owners with all of the secrets for long term success.

To start Salon Owners on their journey to success Simon and Julie have co-written The Salon Owners Bible which is a free E-Book. The book is a vital tool for Salon Owners and provides an amazing insight into all aspects of successfully running a Salon, from becoming a better employer to first class customer service.

Here's what one Salon Owner said, "I love Simon's philosophy. He makes you realise your salons' potential and guides you through the common pitfalls of the day to day running of a salon. It really changes the way you look at yourself, your staff and your business."

Find out more about the Successful Salon Club or download the Salon Owne's Bible.