Salon Loyalty Cards; More Than A Giveaway?

Many Salon Owners see Salon Loyalty Cards as more of a hindrance to their business profits than any viable gain to their salon. Are Salon Loyalty Cards just eating into your profit or do they provide value to your business? This article looks into this question.

Salon Loyalty Cards

The Power of Love

Salon Loyalty Cards are a tricky one. It's nearly impossible to track the financial success of running a client loyalty campaign. Your Return on Investment. How do you know if your customer loyalty schemes are keeping clients with you? Can you see if your customer retention has improved after the launch of your salon loyalty card?

The most important thing to remember though is that a client loyalty scheme is about you showing loyalty to your clients for their business and not the other way round.

Tempt Your Clients

It may be difficult to track the overall impact upon your client retention with salon loyalty cards, but by tempting clients to try new products and services you can look to sell more to customers.

Why not add a product or service as part of your loyalty scheme. Something a little different, a new product or service that your client could try for free.

The objective is for clients to fall in love with the product or service and come back to purchase it on their next visit. This is a loss leading exercise, but with good products and services your salon should see repeat business to make a profit.

Because you're selling products and services at this stage, you can now track the financial results of your loyalty card. By simply recording who redeemed your first free offer and then who repeat purchased and then comparing these figures to your costs will give you a return on investment figure.

Free Product Salon Loyalty Card

Salon Loyalty Card

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