5 Easy steps to Promote Your Business

This article focuses on helping you promote your business so that you are selling more and winning new customers at every opportunity. We know (as business owners ourselves) that marketing and promoting your own business can be difficult with all of the other responsibilities that you have to deal with. Take a look at the 5 easy steps below for some key points to get you started and into a marketing routine.

Where will customers find out about your
products & services?

Where will customers find out about you

Define your goals - what are you trying to achieve?

  • Sell products & services

  • Win new customers

  • Raise awareness of your business

Salon Marketing Ideas to Win New Clients and Sell More Products.

Use the time of year to help you achieve your goals

Customers and potential customers will be have different needs depending on the time of year.

For example, Christmas time people will be looking for gifts, the New Year is about being healthy and starting your resolutions.

Plan your marketing based upon dates like Valentine's Day, Mothering Sunday, Summer Holidays and anything else that will be of interest to your customers.

Use the seasons to promote your business

Be regular & shout about your business!!

Research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing states that someone needs to see an advert at least seven times before it means anything to them.

It's the same principle for most marketing and promotion. Yes, you will get the occasional person who sees one of your promotional messages once and acts upon it, but to improve results look at what you're trying to achieve and communicate that message across all of your available channels (i.e. repeat on Twitter and Facebook, add it to your website, display a poster and send an email to customers).

Promoting my business and special offers

Get into a routine

A regular marketing routine

Start to build a routine to your marketing. Take small steps and over time you'll have a well oiled marketing machine that takes very little of your time.

Try things like:

Use the 2015 Marketing Calendar to plan ahead

We've finished the 2015 Marketing Calendar. It features all of the opportunities in 2015 and you can automatically add these dates and reminders into your own diary.

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