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Our channel marketing service is designed for manufacturers and suppliers who sell products through channel partners.

The premise is simple: we help your channel partners produce dual branded marketing collateral with Wow Factor to increase sales of your products. We focus on them, leaving you to concentrate on the end-user.

Channel Marketing Service Explained

Provide channel customers with marketing support to help them sell more. Side effects include; increased customer satisfaction, improved brand exposure and product sales growth. We've got a very flexible service and it works along the lines of:

Channel Marketing Diagram

1. Decide your Marketing Menu

The Marketing Menu features marketing activities which are exchanged for points. Take a look at the Marketing Menu we offer to our customers for an idea of what you can provide to yours.

How do you want to help channel customers
Buy points from the marketing menu

2. Decide the points you need

Decide how many points you want to purchase. If you want to trial the service we have a special offer of 1,000 points for only £300 which is ideal for 10 customers.

3. Choose how to roll it out

It's your service so we can structure a roll out package that is right for you. For example, you can allocate set points and give these to specific customers, or; create a pot of points and give them to a group of customers to use on a first come first served basis.

Work with your channel customers to grow sales
Butterfly Effect Brand Exposure

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Product Launch Support

Different Perspective provides product launch support to manufacturers and suppliers. We have helped launch many products for large commercial brands and can provide a cost effective and flexible solution to busy marketing teams.

Talk to use about your requirements. We'll respond with a proposal and we can take it from there.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Call us for a chat to discuss your requirements; 01565 872 411.

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