About Different Perspective Marketing

Our Vision

To help independent businesses sell more products and services with easy and hassle free marketing.

Our Belief

Most consumers prefer to shop locally, we believe that if smaller businesses promote their products and services on a regular basis they will sell more.

Our Ethos

We like to see a job through properly, we try to avoid jargon where we can and we're here to support you!

Meet the co-founders Of Different Perspective Marketing

Patrick Sanderson - Co-Founder Different Perspective Marketing

Patrick Sanderson

Running my own small business has given me a great insight into the pressures and problems that come with the territory. For all the grey hairs it has given me, I don't think you can beat the satisfaction you get on completion of a good job that meets both your own targets and those of your customer.

I gained most of my sales and marketing expertise working for a large multi-national company over a number of years. After picking up a huge amount of valuable experience, I decided that I wanted to set up my own business focusing on providing marketing support to small businesses.  

My skills lie in marketing planning and organisation, ensuring products are brought to the right market, in the right way, at the right time. I believe that great marketing can propel a business forward and fuel growth and profitability. The foundation to great marketing is a solid plan executed correctly.

Oliver Smith Co-Founder of Different Perspective Marketing

Oliver Smith

I'm a creative, sales minded marketer with a passion for small business. I have worked in the industry for over 12 years, in a variety of roles, and I have enjoyed every minute and every challenge.

Prior to co-founding Different Perspective Marketing I worked for a large organisation with a £12 billion turnover. During this time I became disenchanted with the corporate world and yearned to leave the red tape and bureaucracy to enjoy the fast paced and thrilling world of small business.

I truly love small businesses; I believe they are the backbone of our economy. I love walking down Burton Road in West Didsbury (Manchester) as it is a world of independence with flair, creativity and innovation.

It was this passion for independent businesses that forged the Toolkit idea. I wanted to provide a service that helps businesses in cost effective and easy-to-use ways, so they can really take control of their marketing.