Hit your business targets

Turn your business goals into reality with marketing support from Different Perspective.

Don't keep putting off the things that will see your business grow. We'll help you make a plan for growth and give you all the support needed to execute it.

Hassle free salon marketing

Use your time to do what you do best and let us provide you with everything you need to promote your salon and give your customer communications the WOW Factor.

Help channel customers sell more of your products

If you manufacture or supply products you will appreciate how difficult it is to support the channel whilst concentrating on selling to end users.

Different Perspective Marketing gives you a simple way to provide channel partners with everything they need to promote and sell more of your products.

"Everything about the DPM service is designed to make it easy for me to actively and regularly promote the Hepburn Hair Project."

Seamus McCrory
The Hepburn Hair Project owner

We ask you; what is your marketing aim for the next 6 to 12 months?

Is it to double your sales? Introduce 20 new customers every month? Or to deliver a loyalty programme that keeps your clients coming back?

Whatever your target we can help you achieve it by providing structured and planned marketing support.

Spending time making your customers happy and your business great is much more important than worrying about issues such as document bleeds and colour formats. The smartest thing to do is to delegate. We can expertly assist you with your marketing plan and customer communications; leaving you to concentrate on your business.

We'll help you promote yourself via...

Web & Social Media
Point of Sale
Direct Marketing

Salon Marketing from Different Perspective Marketing

Salon Marketing

Running a salon and being proactive with your marketing can be difficult. Different Perspective Marketing works with Salon Owners like you and can help you achieve your business goals.

Salon Marketing from Different Perspective Marketing

Local Business Marketing

Promote your business and hit your goals with structured marketing that delivers a plan for growth and the tools to execute it.

Salon Marketing from Different Perspective Marketing

Supplier & Manufacturer

Provide channel customers with marketing support to help grow sales of your products whilst increasing channel loyalty and profit.

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